“Beep… Beep… Beep!”

The dreaded sound of your alarm clock goes off, you roll over and blindly fumble with the snooze button. Sometimes you hit the snooze button until you reach that absolute-last-minute threshold when you must wake up to be on time for work.

And your weekday morning routine begins. Maybe your day goes something like this:

You wake up when it’s still dark outside just to get a few minutes of morning solitude and silence before the whole household stirs awake and the mayhem of getting the kids ready for school  begins. Your mornings are blur as you scramble to get out of the house in time.

You go through a day at work, juggling phone calls, emails, deadlines, and everything else. On your lunch break, you don’t get much time either because you have to squeeze in phone calls to the doctor’s office or to dispute some kind of bank charge.

Then when you get off work, you have to squeeze in a workout at the gym bouncing on the treadmill, return something to the store that you got last week that didn’t work out for one reason or another, pick the kids up from school, you need to make time to take a trip to the grocery store, or run some other errands.

Then when you get home, you only have a few hours of sanity before you have to go to bed and start it all over again.

You also have to squeeze in that time to prepare tomorrow night’s dinner because you know you’ll be too exhausted to make dinner when you get home (or you’re more likely to throw one of those “frozen bricks” in the microwave for a quick meal).

Then there’s all the challenges of home, like laundry, cleaning, paying bills, evening classes, homework, etc. Now add kids into the mix and your window of any free time you may have gets smaller and smaller. Many of us have are always trying to check everything off our never ending shoulda-coulda-woulda list. Your plate is full.

Is it so wrong to want to just throw your hands up in the air and relax a little in front of the TV after all that?

Life can be stressful these days. The madness just doesn’t seem to end, does it? It’s amazing that people even have time to date at all.

How the heck are you supposed to find the time to date or much less be “in the mood” to connect with your partner with all the chaos going on around you? For example, do you even have time to do this connection exercise with your partner if you’re too busy?


Mika enjoys helping others overcome their limiting beliefs that prevent them from having the relationship they want. She is also not a fan of being tickled and hopes that one day, Clay, will finally realize that, as they have way too many tickle fights...And Mika has a not-so-secret love affair with chocolate.

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