P2PPOST1Does this sound like anyone you know?

“Ugh! I’m negative in my bank account again, shouldn’t they inform me when I’ve overdrawn in my account?”
“I can’t believe it took him over an hour to respond to my text message!”
“How much longer can he make me wait? I really thought he was going to propose this time.“
“I know I should be making healthier choices but she needs to stop judging me!’

Whether this sounds like a relative, a friend, a coworker or perhaps even you… does drama follow them (or you) like a shadow?

Hey, I know what it’s like when crap hits the fan and it feels like anything that can go wrong does go wrong. I was even that girl who silently threw a fit when he didn’t respond to me fast enough.

I mean, was it so wrong for me to expect more than a quick “yes” or “no” answer after hours of waiting? I remember complaining to my girlfriends and they would all pipe in with “Yah, I totally know what you mean, my boyfriend is exactly the same way!

Then we’d spend hours clucking away like hens as we complain about our lives.

Perhaps you can relate to this too.

Whether you were upset because you hoped he would have put more thought in your birthday present or that he could only spend a little bit of time with you because he’s busy on a school/work project.

Or perhaps every relationship you’ve been is more or less the same relationship over and over again, but with a different partner.

Are all your friends either getting married or in great relationship while you are constantly struggling with the same relationship problems over and over again? Have you ever thought that the world must be against you since you keep finding yourself in bad situations?


Mika enjoys helping others overcome their limiting beliefs that prevent them from having the relationship they want. She is also not a fan of being tickled and hopes that one day, Clay, will finally realize that, as they have way too many tickle fights...And Mika has a not-so-secret love affair with chocolate.

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