How to Stop Being a Victim and Take Control of Your Life

How to Stop Being a Victim and Take Control of Your Life

“Perfect moments are more often made than they are found”–Anonymous 

victimYou’re human. Life happens. Your emotions will ebb and flow. You’ve probably all heard this before, right?

However some people take this attitude to a whole new level—The Victim Mentality Level

First, let’s clarify what a person with Victim Mentality looks like.

  • Feeling powerless and does not take action at resolving their situation.
  • Constantly thinking about what is wrong rather than what is going well in their life.
  • Blaming others for their unhappiness.

Do you know someone who has the “The-world-is-against-me-attitude”?

Perhaps it’s your mother or father, one of your of siblings or a close friend…or maybe it’s even you that struggle with this. How does having this kind of attitude towards life actually affect you? (more…)

[Case Study] How Stephen Got His Girlfriend Back

[Case Study] How Stephen Got His Girlfriend Back

Last time, we shared with you a story about Stephen, who we worked one on one with for 3 months. We created a 100% personalized relationship plan for Stephen and got on the phone with him every week.

At the end of 3 months, Stephen finally got his ex girlfriend back and they are now creating a stronger relationship than ever before… They’re even talking about marriage!

So how did Stephen beat the odds

and get his girlfriend back?


[Inspiration] One Man Beat the Odds and Got His Girlfriend Back

[Inspiration] One Man Beat the Odds and Got His Girlfriend Back

small__8271781446If you’ve been reading our newsletter for a while, you may remember that back around June we did something we never did before…

We decided to start coaching people directly one-on-one over the phone, working with them to develop a 100% personalized relationship plan tailored to their specific situation.

One of the people who we worked with is a guy named Stephen.

Stephen was in a difficult situation that many people might consider hopeless…

His partner had just left him a few months earlier.

  • She was 19 years younger than him.
  • She lived across the world in Thailand.
  • They came from very different cultures.
  • She was currently in a new relationship with another guy.

Some would say the cards were stacked against him to begin with…


The “Meiji Moment” and How to Use It to Connect with Others

The “Meiji Moment” and How to Use It to Connect with Others

It’s hard for me to believe, but just one short week ago, I was standing in the Meiji Shrine in Tokyo, moved completely to tears.

More on that in a moment though…

In case you didn’t know, Clay and I just got back from our honeymoon in Japan. It was an amazing trip, filled with lots of fun cultural lessons, learning experiences, and a ton of delicious food!

However, during this trip, I had an amazing experience that can help you with your relationships (either romantic or platonic). (more…)

Asking For Help Isn’t Easy (Not An Ordinary Post)

Asking For Help Isn’t Easy (Not An Ordinary Post)

This isn’t an easy post for me to write…


Clay and I consider ourselves transparent and honest peeps. There are even times, I feel as if we’re more vulnerable with you guys than we are with our own friends and family.

For several years now, we’ve helped people who were going through some really painful times in their lives.

Take Lisa, for example, who we’ve been working with since the beginning of the year.  Lisa was passing through Portland for the day and we got a chance to meet up with her over a cup of coffee.

There we were, talking to someone who we’ve only had an online working relationship with and she was telling us how Clay and I were the beacon of light during a devastating breakup.


Um… yeah, very surreal. Since it sometimes still blows my mind that so many people actually read this little blog.

After we parted ways, Clay and I were felt a deep sense of awe and gratitude to be able to help strangers heal and make their relationships work. In my mind, I thought, “If I can actually help just one person, I can help even more!”


It Made Me Want to Do More for Everyone Else Out There Hurting


We’ve been toying with the idea of doing something special for you guys after we got back from our honeymoon in Tokyo.

But I’m getting a little ahead of myself here…

Clay and I are getting married in a couple weeks and for our honeymoon,  we decided to finally make our dream a reality and go to Tokyo, a city we’ve always wanted to explore together.

And for the past few weeks, we’ve both been enthusiastically planning our trip of a lifetime.


But… (The Infamous “But”)


A few days ago, Clay and I got some news that crushed our hopes of enjoying a fabulous honeymoon.

Clay and I had some unexpected medical expenses come up… which set us back a whole lot of cash-ola.

Don’t worry, it’s nothing major or serious, just a bit of an unexpected expense that jumped out at us.

Unfortunately this setback occurred after we already got our plane tickets for Tokyo.

There’s no turning back now…

We were heading to Japan whether or not our bank account agrees with us…

Now… what we hoped to be the trip of a lifetime, may turn into a week of simply slumming through the city.

Don’t get me wrong, Clay and I have no problem living well below our means, like we did in Thailand a few years ago (bread and milk for lunch, anyone?).


We’re definitely not rich by any stretch of the imagination, but we manage to get by okay.

I’m not happy with the idea of spending our first time in Tokyo, eating our meals from convience stores or sharing a room with a bunch of strangers in a hostel because that’s all we can really afford.

Being on an extremely tight budget in one of the world’s most expensive cities (!) is not what I had in mind for our trip of a lifetime. Plus, we really wanted to make our honeymoon extra special!

All weekend long, I scrambled to think of ways we could earn some extra money.

(Other than being a stand-in extra on the filming set of TV shows) we have an idea…that may possibly help us do more than sit on the curb, slurping down instant ramen… and help you as well.

So we have a couple weeks to raise money for our “Honeymoon Fund.


I’m Not Sure if This Will Actually Work but I’m Crazy Enough to Give It a Try…

We’re THINKING of putting together a few lessons (chosen by you) teaching you how to handle some of the most challenging relationship problems that you’re struggling with right now…

…and in exchange for a donation to help us out, we’ll trade you the lessons.

A nice win-win for the both of us.

But the thing is, Clay and I really want to make sure that these lessons are something that you would want and lessons that can help you the most.

So, I would really, really (from the bottom of my heart) appreciate it if you could take a moment to fill out this quick survey to let us know what you most would like help with right now.

>> Take the 1-Minute Survey <<

This survey is super-short and it shouldn’t take you more than a minute to fill out.

As always, thank you so much for your support and I truly am grateful for you.




The Biggest Announcement in The Path to Passion History

The Biggest Announcement in The Path to Passion History

Today is a big day for The Path to Passion.


Because The Path to Passion doesn’t exist anymore.

Clay and I are starting a new chapter for this blog under the new name Loving Boldly, along with Rashmi and Francis (our two new team members).

To be honest, we enjoyed The Path to Passion, but there was always a bit of confusion about what the website was about. Some people assumed it was a religious website (not that we have any problem with religion, just that that’s not what our message is specifically about).

Plus, there was that whole deal with having to tell people to remember to type “the” at the beginning of the web address.

After (significant) technical struggle on Clay’s part, we finally moved over to Loving Boldly.

And to be honest with you, we feel much more at home with this name.

It feels cleaner, simpler, and like a truer reflection of who we are and the message we want to share with the world.

And there’s a lot of new stuff in store for you.

More on that down the road though.

In the meantime, I just wanted to let you know that things are going to be getting shaken up a bit around here :)

Stay tuned for more…