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This is space on the internet is for women who feel discouraged, frustrated, and dissatisfied with their love life. Perhaps they’ve been dating for years or have been in and out of broken relationships.

Regardless of our past, what matters is what we do moving forward.

The root of any successful relationship begins within and our past and limiting beliefs and scripts that fuel how we act and behave plays a massive role in how we brings ourselves to the people we interact with everyday. Many time, what people may not realize is that the biggest obstacle that may be preventing them from finding a loving and lasting relationship is themselves–not external factors like their looks or career.

At Loving Boldly, we help women that are struggling to find an amazing relationship. We teach relational skills that change the results they’re currently getting in their love life.

We create a space for you to feel seen, heard, cherished and valued and we will help you finally bet on yourself and have the relationship that you deserve and want.

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Do You Want to Be Loved For Who You Are? And Find Yourself in a Great Relationship?

Whether you’re single and dating or currently in a relationship, Be Loved For Who You Are,is a relationship advice book that will help you get the love life you want by improving the most important component in a healthy relationship—YOU!

People say it takes “work” to have a great relationship. Like with all things worth it, effort IS involved in making any relationship work. However, being in a great relationship should never have to be painstaking and you shouldn’t have to try so hard to “be loved”.

This is for you if you want to:

  • Learn dating advice on how to be caught up in a deep and stimulating conversation… where hours to turn into minutes and minutes turn into seconds.
  • Bring the ABSOLUTE best of yourself to every interaction you have with the person you’re with.
  • Have a deep level of emotional intimacy that you’ve always wanted in a relationship by practicing the love advice given on Advance Relational Skills.
  • Feel 100% seen and loved for who you are without feeling like you have to put on a “show” and pretend to be someone you’re not.

You’ll also discover:

  • Relationship advice on how to overcome limiting beliefs that have held you back from having a loving, successful AND THRIVING relationship.
  • How to improve your relational skills with everyone in your life so you can help others feel like you “get them.”
  • How to be loved and we’ll give you an action plan to help you get the love you’ve always wanted, no matter what stage in the “love game” you may be at.

Whether you’re trying to get your ex back, find a relationship or save your marriage, Be Loved For Who You Are, will open your eyes to a new and deeper way of connecting and fostering emotional intimacy.

Clay Andrews

Clay Andrews

Author, Dating and Relationship Coach

Hi, my name is Clay.

On Loving Boldly, along with my wife, Mika, we help women create a strong and loving foundation so that they can be successful in love and life. The root of an amazing relationship, a relationship where you feel deeply connected, seen and heard begins with how we bring ourselves to the interaction. I teach women Advanced Relational Skills to help boost their dating and love life. 

Be Loved For Who You Are

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